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Garbage Pickup Service started in 1994 with 320 customers and a father/son team with a dream. Today, with more than 11,000 customers and counting, Garbage Pickup Service has provided the rural Smith County area with quality and dependable curb side collection. With our long-term employee family and our valued current and potential customers, Garbage Pickup Service continues to grow and strives to maintain the outstanding quality service that you deserve.

We Are Running A Normal Schedule on July 4th

↙ What Customers Are Saying About Us ↘

“My husband on occasion forgets to take the trash down to the road... and when he does our trash guys always come and grab it. It would be so easy for them to pass by and say "it's not my job to bring trashcan to the road" and I would agree with them, but they don't take this approach and I think that makes them exceptional people. I would love to get their names so that I can leave them a special treat next time or bring it by your office. Customer service is not a thing anymore with a lot of companies and the attention to detail from your guys makes my day.”

- Erica & Jeremy Hasley

“From a Garbage Pickup Service customer perspective, you have a great employee serving The Falls Creek Estates subdivision in Flint. Our pickup service is always good, but in the past couple of weeks, the gentlemen on our route have gone beyond what reasonably could be expected of him.

You are fortunate to have such a great employee. He gets high marks for working Falls Creek Estates customer satisfaction. Please treat him right.”

- Barbara & Lew Jobe

“I heard the trash truck coming and as they came in front of my house their was a shaved-head guy who took my trash can out to the truck. He was all hyped up seamed really happy to do his job. He threw that can into the truck, quickly dumped it, set it back right where I had put it, picked up the little pieces of trash that fell on the ground and started to run over to my neighbors house to get to the next can. I was amazed at the effort he was putting in, then I noticed he started running back down the street away from the truck. I looked down the street and saw a lady carrying a bag of trash, he got to her and politely ask to get that for her. Wow! Good job GPS!”

- Harley Tallent

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